Beneath Nexus
Beneath Nexus
Beneath Nexus
Beneath Nexus

Beneath Nexus

Silverclutch Games

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Beneath Nexus is a dungeon crawling card game for 3 to 6 players. Discover powerful treasures and unlock forgotten secrets in your quest to reclaim the city of Nexus. The Heroes combine their unique skills and powers to overcome the trials of The Blight Lord who uses fiendish monsters and malicious spells to destroy all who delve Beneath Nexus.

In Beneath Nexus, one player controls of 1 of the 4 Blight Lords, the evil rulers of the ancient city of Nexus who helped bring about its downfall centuries ago. The other players will each take control of 1 of the 6 Heroes who have come to the city to reclaim it. Some of them seek treasure, others glory, and some vengeance, but they all share the same goal of vanquishing the fiendish Blight Lords.


  • 225 cards:
    • 6 oversized Hero cards
    • 4 oversized Blight Lord cards
    • 10 oversized Dungeon cards
    • 72 Hero ability cards
    • 60 spell cards
    • 34 monster cards
    • 27 Relic cards
    • 6 Hero HP trackers
    • 5 Monster HP trackers
    • 1 Ether tracker

Ages: 12+
Players: 3 to 6
Game Length: 60+ minutes

"After the first game, my group was immediately inquiring if we had time for a second... That kind of enthusiasm is evidence of a winner... Fast, easily accessible, fun."
- Joe Babbit, Pretty Sneaky, Sis

"A fast paced strategic dungeon crawler that immediately grabbed our attention, well done Silverclutch! Long live the Blight Lord!"
- The Nerd is the Word

"What a beautiful game that is easy to jump into. The setup and learning curve did not take long in either case, and that only made a great game better."
- Jason, Boardgame Authority

"A fun but satisfying dungeon crawler...I can see this being one of those games that will be in my rotation for game night."
-Draculetta, DDO Player