Project Mars
Project Mars

Project Mars

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In Project Mars you work as a space industry contractor racing to be the first company with the technology and engineering levels to send humans to Mars.

It's not going to be easy as there are a number of challenges to overcome in order to accomplish a manned trip to the red planet, for one, it's only feasible to make an attempt every 2 years (actually closer to 26 months) for the most optimal alignment of Earth and Mars.

Next there is the challenge of getting all the necessary items you'll need for the trip free of Earth's atmosphere. This can't be done in one shot - so multiple missions will be necessary, taking fuel and modules up to low Earth orbit (LEO) on separate trips where they can then be assembled into a spacecraft that has everything needed to do the job.

And let's not forget money – it costs a lot to make all this happen!

Place your modules in low Earth orbit by increasing your engineering level, while managing your resources, expanding your office space, working with the best vendors and hiring the most capable employees for the job.

Be the first player to place 2 fuel depots and 3 modules in low Earth orbit and have the engineering level necessary to acquire the Launch Date card.


  • 93 Cards Including:
    • 12 Project Leads
    • 12 Engineers
    • 6 Sr. Engineers
    • 6 Facilities Managers
    • 25 Vendors
    • 8 Office Spaces
    • 16 Technologies
    • 4 Test Flights
    • 3 Launch Dates
    • 1 Contract
  • 20 Module Miniatures (4 sets of 5)
  • 40 Money Markers Including:
    • 30 (of 1 Value)
    • 10 (of 5 Value)
  • 40 Material Markers (of 1 Value)
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 4 Player Screens
  • Manual

Ages: 14 and up
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60 minutes