Vaxcards: Booster Deck

Vaxcards: Booster Deck


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The booster shots during later childhood and adult life. This deck can be used by parents to reward kids for their vaccines during growing up. collect them when you get them!

The year is 2017.

Several infectious diseases ravage the earth and despite much human effort, the infections continue to spread.

Those most affected live in areas of poverty and conflict with limited access to useful intel, treatment and items of immunity.

The war has been long. Many lives have been lost.

Great warriors of the past have triumphed in landmark victories such as Jonas Salk at the battle of Iron Lung and Edward Jenner’s rescue of the Milk Maiden, all In the quest for the golden key of heard immunity.

Battles, however, continue to be lost in the trenches.

It has become clear that the responsibility of success falls on the foot soldiers.

Triumph depends on the education of the populous.

To aid, an innovative tool has emerged.

In the aim to combat the spread of virus and bacteria, a select few have been chosen to distribute key intel on the infections.

This information has been contained within a game.

The aim, to distribute information on features of symptoms and statistics of the target diseases.

Designed to be addictively fun, hopefully increasing uptake of the game, especially in areas that education and reward for playing the most.

If you are receiving this message, you are invited to become a player.

One of the first to implement gaming on the front line.

Collect the cards, battle the symptoms and statistics, spread intel this way.

Play for fun, but remember, its more than just a game.

Good luck, foot soldier....

Join the herd.

The following is an instructional transcript of the game.

<<<<<<MESSAGE BEGINS>>>>>>>>

Vaxcards is a game of infectious disease and fun!

A strategic battle style card game where players collect diseases to infect and eradicate each other.

The game is played with a hit point system, aiming to lower your opponents resistance to zero.

The fun, lovable characters are based off the childhood, adult and traveler vaccination program.

Illustration and game mechanics are built around symptoms and statistics from real diseases.

The game has three settings of complexity, for normal humans, younger humans and advanced game humans.

The collectable character cards have the potential to be integrated as a reward for vaccination against that specific disease for children nervous of needles.

As you progress through the schedule, the more playable characters and game options unlock.

The game can also be enjoyed by any science or tabletop game lover, with innovative concept, robust game mechanics and quirky fun quick game play.

Welcome to the herd, player!

<<<<<MESSAGE END>>>>>